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Usually, parents are entitled to benefits in a given EU country:. However, if you are posted abroad for a short assignment less than 2 years while remaining covered by your home country's social security system, your home country will be responsible for paying your family benefits. If members of your family do not live in the country where you are insured, you could be entitled to family benefits from different countries.

The relevant national authorities will then take account of both parents' situations and decide which country has primary responsibility for paying the benefits. Their decision will be based on "priority rules".

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If the benefits you receive from the "primary" country turn out to be lower than what you would have received from the "secondary" country where you also had rights, the secondary country will pay a supplement equivalent to the difference between the two benefits. In this way, you are sure of receiving the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

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If you are divorced and your ex-husband or ex-wife receives benefits but does not use them to maintain your children, you can contact the family benefits authority in the country where your children live and ask to have the benefits paid direct to you instead, since you are the person who is actually maintaining the family. The authority in the country in which you apply will share your application with all countries that are competent in your case.

If you apply for benefits in due time in one country, you will be considered to have applied in due time in any other EU country in which you have rights to family benefits. You cannot be refused benefits to which you are entitled because the country where you applied initially forwarded your files too late to the competent authority in another country.

Check with the national authorities what deadlines apply to family benefits. If you miss the deadline, you could lose your entitlement. During this time, offer them a sense of belonging and talk to them about how they are feeling. Let them know that you understand their reasons for wanting to find this out and will try to support them all the way. This would mean everything to them, even if they do not show it. If things are not going well with their parents, it may be easy for young people to put their vision of their birth parents on some kind of a pedestal.

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They may have an idealistic image of them. After all, they have not been the ones setting boundaries or giving them a hard time when they are misbehaving. It can be tough to encourage them to realise these people are only human after all. No-one can live up to this kind of expectation.

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For some parents this strong desire of their child to seek where they have come from can be hurtful. It may lead, in some cases, to feelings of rejection and that they have somehow lost the previously close bond or closeness they had previously. Giving them space and encouragement to talk through their reasons why they want to trace the family who gave birth to them may help. Counselling for the young person and also their adoptive parents may be worth considering.

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Talking to your GP about the situation may be useful as he or she may be able to refer on for talking therapies on the NHS. If any adopted person decides that they would like to go ahead and trace their birth parents they will need to be prepared for a frustrating and lengthy process.

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  • The wait may cause all kinds of emotional ups and downs and it would help for them to have someone they feel able to confide in for support along the way. The Adoption Act entitles individuals to the information on their original birth certificate, and to know which court or agency handled the adoption. People adopted before November 12, are required by law to receive counselling before being allowed access to the information. This is required because some natural parents and adopters may have been led to believe that their children would never be able to trace their original names or the identity of their parents.

    People adopted after November 11, are not legally required to seek counselling. However, it is still advisable to really consider talking things through with someone before proceeding.

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    It can be worth contacting their local authority for help on the issue. The increase in social media has rapidly changed adoption, fostering and tracing family members. For many people who are trying to trace family members, using sites such as Facebook has helped them to reunite with loved ones but for others it can be unwanted contact which can cause distress and far reaching consequences. We have seen many cases in the media where social services have removed at risk children from their family and then the child has become easily reachable on social networking sites.

    This then causes risky issues for the child and the family who is caring for them. For some, contact can be damaging and can leave the young person in fear.

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    There are lots of tips and advice you can read before you go down the social media route to trace birth parents and it is important to do your research first. A number of agencies allow birth parents or relatives to leave their details, which can be made available on the receipt of an application from any adopted person. If they make the initial enquiry, they will be informed if any relative gets in touch.

    argo-karaganda.kz/scripts/wiwybep/1730.php For advice and information about the searching process and how to find emotional support see the BAAF website link Talking about origins and the Adoption Search Reunion website www.