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And he was like, yeah, you might have a million followers on Facebook. So I think what we want to see moving into next year is for marketers to really challenge the notion of what an influencer looks like, and maybe even drop the word. You know, so one of the things that we tend to do, Chris, you and I is that we will guest blog for other people about a specific topic with the goal of them getting the awareness around the topic and the authority and us getting, you know, reach into their network. And but I was one of your influences.

The Social Search Revolution: 8 Social SEO Strategies To Start Using Right Now

What would you expect to see out of me in the next year? What would you expect to get for that money? I would want to see you, I would want to see you contribute some content to my blog. I would like to see you repost that on your blog to your network. You know, put a mention in your newsletter. So basically, all of your different assets that make you an influencer, I would like to see my company show up. So your blog, your podcast, your newsletter, those assets, and then maybe reshare them across social media because there is still value in that.

So if I were signing a contract with you a monthly for an influencer, those are the types of things that I would want to see. And then of course, everything would be UTM tracked and tagged and measurable.

Are Your Visitors Engaged?

And then I would want some sort of a monthly report to say, Hey, is this guy actually doing anything for us or do we need to kick them to the curb? Christopher Penn Mm hmm. They were talking about some of their, their marketing campaigns. Or do we need something more tangible? If we need something more tangible?

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What does that look like? How do we measure that? Christopher Penn Yeah, yeah, there are. What would you be expecting to see from a numbers perspective from, you know, showing up in my newsletter, for example?

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Katie Robbert Um, you know, it depends, it depends on how many people currently subscribe to your newsletter. I would say I would even take a step back from there. And the first thing I would do before hiring an influencer is I would take a look at my KPI map and my goals to figure out what metrics are even the most important to me, so I know one of our goals moving into next year is to continually increase our database of prospects and new newsletter, subscribers, podcast subscribers, because those are things that we own.

And so my first question to you before hiring you is how many people subscribe to your newsletter?

Would There Be SEO Stars Without SEO Celebrities?

How many people open your newsletter and read your newsletter and engage with your newsletter? So if I come to you and say I need a million subscribers and you say, cool, I only have Well, we have a problem. Mm hmm. Christopher Penn Exactly. Does that also help the influencer in some ways? Because if you say, I need a million subscribers, well, I have 43, subscribers. What is it? Christopher Penn Yep. And without that infrastructure in that foundation, that kind of just guessing. We know this.

We know that, you know, a good chunk. How do. Christopher Penn you deal also with some of the attribution windows being incredibly long, especially in b2b, but even in complex, b2c? How do how do we deal with that? You can do a lot of your attribution analysis in an automated fashion using only your digital channels.

That will fit within the constraints of this podcast. Because every single customer is going to interact with them in a different way. But this is sort of the baseline expectation. And I think you know, again, to your point in your newsletter, it, we have to be okay, at some point with good enough because, you know, perfection is going to be the enemy of productivity.

You have to, you know, cut that off. So, in this example, that you gave someone who mentioned that they met you 12 years ago, I would say honestly, you could probably just put that in the email newsletter bucket, and then move on with their life.

Tell us about you!

Christopher Penn Right, exactly. So, to recap, one thing that we need to think about is, should we be using more than just basic social media metrics or influence? There is social media, web traffic, lead generation marketing automation. You have buckets and buckets of data available to you.

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So the challenge for all of us is to figure out what is it that aligns best with the outcome we care about, which of course requires good planning. Naturally, Google noticed the game eventually and realized they had to do something about it. And it worked. It showed that some kind of weight is still awarded for links from press releases. What else would they show? Would you be treading on dangerous ground if you released one online? Can it help your rankings or not? The short answer is yes. The medium answer is yes, but not merely for backlinks and SEO. The long answer? First of all, it needs to be a good press release written about something that deserves having a PR circulated about it.

You could focus a PR on plenty of things, but here are just a few ideas:. Put on your thinking cap and get creative. First let me tell you not to do with it. You want to stick with the bigger, well-respected PR authority sites.

see One of the best things that can happen is to have your PR get noticed by respected bloggers who write about and link to it. How do you do that? Your PR not only has to be well written and deserving of the attention, but it has to get noticed in the first place. Something to think about: targeted traffic from a PR itself. What trend do I see? Here are just a couple of examples.

It should capture the heart and mind of the blogger, customer, or journalist that runs across it. It should trigger an emotion of some sort. Keep these things in mind and your PRs will attract attention, as well as more business. Eventually, your company will likely face some type of public relations disaster. PR disasters are rarely predictable and often destructive, but the way you respond to a disaster can completely mold its eventual outcome. Depending on the severity of the event, there may be irreparable lasting damage to your brand, but if you treat it cautiously and view it as an opportunity, you can harness it for its potential benefits.

First, I want to set the context for the modern world of public relations.

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There was a time when PR disasters were best addressed by limiting their range of influence. Withholding details, speaking ambiguously, and decreasing the number of publications covering the story were all important strategies that could limit the number of eyes and ears on the incident in question. Today, everything is immediately and easily available.

There is a perpetual nature to everything posted online, and since almost everything is posted online, there is virtually nothing you can effectively silence. People are going to learn about it no matter what, so they might as well hear it from you. That being said, there are a handful of strategies you can use to boost your SEO ranks while the PR disaster hits. Think about that in terms of your press release potential during a PR disaster. The negative public reaction to the event will eventually fade, as long as you handle it properly, but the backlinks you generate from the newsworthy announcement are permanent.

Linkless brand mentions will also be prevalent during the incident, especially in the form of user comments to press releases or references on external blogs. These brand mentions are also valuable for building your authority, and serve as a complement to traditional backlinks.