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This database was last updated on 28 February , just prior to restrictions enacted in March which require that newly reported deaths will not be made available in the public version of the Social Security Death Index for three years after the individual's death. As such, new deaths reported after February will not be available in this database until Tom Alciere makes available this free version of the Social Security Death Master File, current as of November , and searchable by name or social security number.

Searching for Death Records - Ancestry

This copy does not have available the death-residence location or death benefit payout ZIP Code. Advanced search features make this free version of the SSDI easy to use with registration. Steve Morse has created a very handy search form which enhances the search abilities of many of the free SSDI search engines on the Web. You can choose from a variety of free SSDI databases to search through this flexible search interface. It is current through mid-March , but does not include social security numbers for individuals who died within the past 10 years.

They updated their collection in February , so now I can at least find my own fathers record.

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Many think that the last residence listed in the Death Master File is at least somewhere near the place of death. Not true.

Thus, his last residence is the city in Pennsylvania where I reside. He had not set foot in Pennsylvania where he was born and resided for the first 65 years of his life since — he died in Once a record is older than 3 years days , it can be published.

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  • Social Security Death Index Background.
  • If the Social Security Number is not visible on the record index it is because Ancestry. Also, ancestry now makes available info that was in the original Social Security apps, which often has birth info and parents info and other details. My understanding that was in the case if most states, the record of a death could be added to SSDI once it took place more than 3 years previously. Overreach and overreaction by the legislators who are supposed to represent us. When will they start representing ordinary people and not their big donors?

    The legislator himself was a POW. However, familysearch says their copy of the ssdi goes up to February 28, Ancestry. That means that new records have not been added since The newer records are not included, however. In theory, records that are three years old or older should be in the latest updates. However, not all web sites are updating their records regularly. I have found people who died in listed.


    Data Access - National Death Index

    Far as I know, they have not re-started new entries, although, they said, there would be 3 years until Feb. How do I track down someone whose social security number I have who may have died more recently than three years ago? Are there any other search options? Though we need far less than a social to locate a person i.

    This is easily done using these private, costly, and privileged aggregated databases. Name and email address are required.

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    Searching the Social Security Death Index

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    Researchers Wring Hands as U.S. Clamps Down on Death Record Access

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