How to Become a Physician Assistant in North Carolina

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Although North Carolinians have slightly less instances of heart disease than the rest of the nation, they do experience higher-than-average rates of cancer, strokes, and respiratory disease- the second, third, and fourth most common killers in the Tar Heel State. It is the job of physician assistants working in North Carolina to counter these elevated rates of mortality through immediate treatment but also preventative measures. Citizens who would like to research more about how to become a physician assistant in North Carolina can consult the following steps:.

Levels and Eligibility Requirements

This accreditation is required by the commission in charge of administering the national certifying exam which will be discussed in the next step. Next students will need to make sure they meet the admission requirements for the PA degree program they choose. You'll need to bring this form with you to your in-person appointment and fingerprinting session at IBT. Step 2: Schedule your appointment online at the IBT website.

Roster Report:

If you are unable to your appointment online, please call the phone number listed on the IBT application form. Step 4: At your appointment, you will complete the fingerprint process, pay the fee, and receive a receipt. Keep the receipt. You can use it to verify compliance when applying for certification or recertification with DHEC. The employer has to consider a number of factors and if it is deemed acceptable, the applicant may still be hired.

Before You Begin Work

If the employee is not hired, the employer has the right to tell the applicant why they were barred from the job, but they are not allowed to show the applicant the criminal record they obtained. Applicants are protected by two separate laws regarding employment screening.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides protection to applicants that may have been the victim of inaccurate criminal records. Many employers hire a third-party organization to handle the employment screening.

In North Carolina, it is not required for applicants to let employers know about expunged crimes and employers are not permitted to ask if an applicant has had any crimes expunged from their record. Depending on what type of job one is applying for, the background check laws differ. Whether it be a teacher, nurse, doctor, or barber, North Carolina separates the laws regarding employment based on the type of job and licensing board that the job reports with and oversees.

According to law C, the North Carolina State Board of Education is prohibited from hiring anyone with a criminal record.

Levels and Eligibility Requirements - NC Social Work Certification and Licensure Board

The same thing applies to the nursing occupation. Any nurse that has committed a crime that the state views as making them incapable of being a competent nurse can be barred from being hired. Barbers also face a similar dilemma when looking for jobs, albeit one that is more strict. Barbers may be refused a job if they have committed any felony at all.

Step 1. Choose Qualified Physician Assistant Programs for Licensure

Their employers do not have to consider what the felony was or the circumstances surrounding that felony at all. The barber law can be viewed at the following website.

Frequently Asked Questions

North Carolina is overall a friendly state for employees and potential hires. By preventing employers from seeing expunged crimes and establishing two solid laws that protect prospective employees. Employers are forced to consider the circumstances surrounding a crime unlike in other states where this is not required.

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  • North Carolina remains a spot that is great to be a potential hire even if a potential criminal record exists.